Who am I?

I am a young researcher interested in language semantics, program analysis and compilation. My work focuses on the development of techniques and tools for the generation and verification of safe programs with regard to information flow security.

Since April 2010, I work in the KTH's Theoretical Computer Science group in Stockholm as a post-doc. There, I am working in the area of computer security with Mads Dam and others.

From October 2007 to February 2010, I have been a post-doc at the Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre in Paris. I worked with Cédric Fournet and Tamara Rezk in the project Secure Distributed Computations and their Proofs.
In September 2007, I defended my PhD thesis in computer science. This PhD was a cooperation (joint-PhD) between Université de Rennes 1 (France) and Kansas State University (USA). The work in France was accomplished under the direction of Thomas Jensen in the Lande project at IRISA. In the USA, the PhD research was supervised by David Schmidt and Anindya Banerjee in the Computing and Information Sciences department.


Mail address : Theoretical Computer Science
School of Computer Science and Communication
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology
SE-100 44 Stockholm
Visiting address : Lindstedtsvägen 3, level 4
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Tel : (+46) 8 790 6540
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